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“ UNIQUEING YOUR BRAND is the result of 3 years of focused research piled on top of 30 years of practical experience. I guarantee it will skyrocket your brand loyalty, customer happiness and increase profits without costing you 1 cent in extra marketing.”
Over 170 pages Of AMAZING secrets that will make your business soar! Every time you open this book, you'll discover another way to fly over your competition, effortlessly!
This Book Exposes the Secret Chemistry Behind Why Some Companies are Loved and How You Can Create Your Own Fiercely Loyal Customers and Highly Profitable Business.
The closely-guarded secrets in this book are responsible for helping me generate almost $140 million in SMALL BUSINESS revenues over the last 10 years. For the first time in history, it is now available to you without attending an Ivy League school, joining a secret marketing cult, or selling your soul.

The knowledge of this science and how to use it has been a fiercely-protected competitive advantage of the world’s most successful businesses and very quietly passed from one CEO to another for decades... Until now!
In this book, you’ll discover how to attract more customers who want to spend more money... on YOU! 
Best of all, you’ll learn how to create an Authentically Unique Brand; the secret sauce that makes getting these results possible for you and your business. 

Transforming strangers who might like you or your products into communities of irrationally loyal customers who LOVE you may seem magical, but it’s really just a repeatable scientific result. Whether new to business or a seasoned marketeer, UNIQUEING YOUR BRAND will reveal this secret science to you in ways that you can implement immediately into your business or startup. You’ll be inspired to explore the elements that make up these formulas, and learn how to increase profits and evoke customer loyalty from your brand, effortlessly.
meet the AUTHOR
Jeff Jochum
Jeff is known to thousands of entrepreneurs as the marketing scientist behind the chemistry of UNIQUEING YOUR BRAND, teaching them to skyrocket their income by working only with their ideal clients. Over the last thirty years, he has used the power of Authentically Unique Brands to successfully create and sell three companies of his own, before leading the marketing teams as Chief Marketing Officer at world-class creative companies DeviantART & SmugMug.
Here is where I want to show everyone that a lot of awesome people think that Specialism is the best business secret, ever!!!
What People Are Saying About UNIQUEING YOUR BRAND, Now On...
Can't seem to put this one down - I've read Jeff's first book about 23 times (probably not an exact #, but close enough) and this one is even more to the point. This is a no-fluff, actionable, brand changing book.
Review By Me Ra Koh
The next person who reads my copy of Uniqueing Your Brand will have to navigate through my maze of arrows, stars and underlining. This book is FULL of powerful insights. 
Review By Ann Marie
Perfect book for the creative entrepreneur or anyone looking to step up their brand
Review By Katie
YES!!! I'm happy to report this is my best business book yet! I'm so glad I decided to reveal these secrets to the world. 

The best part of Uniqueing Your Brand is that it asks the right questions. And, you’ll find yourself getting better at questioning those answers, until you find the ‘best’ one, every time.

Sarah Lehberger, Co-founder of We Will Thrive.

We were at a crisis crossroads and needed to figure out who we were and why we are doing this, before we could move beyond it. I never could've imagined the newfound passion and purpose we all feel now and I'm so grateful for Jeff and the secrets inside Uniqueing Your Brand.

David Jay, CEO, PASS.US,

After creating my own Authentically Unique Brand, my ideal clients doubled and so did my sales. I knew exactly whom I was trying to reach and what I was passionate about. Once I began declaring it, I didn't have to go out and search for my best customers. All I had to do was be myself. It truly is magical.

Ivona Dixon, small business owner

The results were immediately great, and I knew I was on the right track. By following the chemistry defined in Uniqueing Your Brand, I learned to easily identify why I am truly Unique... why people like me... and what made them want to spend their money with me. I’m now turning ‘leads’ into gold.

Tori Pintar, World traveler and business leader
What's inside the book •
Sample Pages •
There are some of the incredibly interesting and thought provoking things that you are going to learn inside of this book. I wanted to show you some of my favorite stuff here!
The top six most important things that you will learn:
  • Discover brand clarity on what you stand for and how to share it.
  • Attract your “ideal” clients in a way that cannot be competed against.
  • Define your “Brand Words” and a message that people will actually remember.
  • Create a vocabulary of YOU that make it simple to create blogs, marketing and advertising copy.
  • Declare your Authentically Unique Brand and purpose in words and images.
  • Deliver your creative vision and artistic values using the power of storytelling and self-actualization.
Page 5. I start by showing you the WHOLE science in a box. Noting is held back or unexplored. Everything I know about the Science of Specialism you will know, too.
Page 83. Find out how a whistling plumber can teach you everything you need to know in overcoming any competitive attack.
Page 45. You will learn how defining three Authenticity Words will change everything about the effectiveness of all your marketing and advertising efforts.
Page 115. On this page, I reveal the secret of building the "Cult of YOU" and how this knowledge creates a bulletproof, profitable, and effortless business model.
The Secrets in this Book will change everything, and I want early-adopters (like you) to benefit from this before it goes viral. So, if you have the desire to GO, get your FREE copy now, by clicking below!
Jeff Jochum - Uniqueing Your Brand - Copyright @ 2016 - all rights reserved
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